Green Hill Civic Association

Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Green Hill Herald


Welcome to all residents and homeowners in Green Hill!!


What began as a long, warm and colorful Autumn season here in Green Hill turned into a winter that never arrived. Spring was about to make an early arrival when the virus arrived, like that wave we didn’t see coming. The virus has brought many seasonal residents, friends and relatives here much earlier than usual. Welcome to each of you! Thank you for quarantining yourselves upon arrival and for keeping yourselves and others in our community safe. Some members of our community have decided to shelter in place where they live off season, including some snowbirds in Florida, and postpone their Spring transition back to Green Hill.


What lies ahead? The beauty of Spring is emerging in Green Hill. Daffodils, forsythia and magnolia and cherry trees are blooming everywhere. The Hill is living up to its name as the grass turns from drab brown to vibrant green. People are out taking walks, stopping to catch up with neighbors – at an appropriate distance – and holding gatherings on Zoom. We’re learning that physical distancing encourages all sorts of alternative modes of social connection.


Construction projects have been moving forward throughout the winter, including the clearing of land behind the tennis courts. We now have a bocce court and a horseshoe pit surrounded by a picnic area for GHCA members to use. In addition, we will have a number of “community” kayaks that anyone can paddle around the ponds. (More below in the Racquet Sports, Bocce/Horseshoes and Kayak Area sections of the newsletter.)


As the Hill gets greener, the virus is surging in the northeast. We hope that after the surge the curve will begin to flatten in ways that make it possible for all of us to breathe easier and begin transitioning to the new normal. We hope that includes our entire summer community enjoying time here in Green Hill with friends and relatives.


We are sad to say that we have to cancel the kickoff dinner scheduled for June 7th. We hope that our community gatherings can include, instead, a dinner later in the season at a time we can all be together (even if we have to sit a few feet apart from each other eating boxed meals).


Enjoy the newsletter. As we put it together, we realized just how much has happened over the last year. On behalf of the Board and Officers of GHCA, please stay safe and healthy; and we look forward to seeing you soon.






Green Hill Passings


We lost one of our neighbors over the past year, Maureen Graf. We will miss you, Maureen, and we treasure the many contributions you made to our community.


If someone else passed away over the past year, and we did not learn about it, please make sure to let us know.



New Neighbors


To new community members who have purchased houses here in Green Hill over the past year or so - WELCOME to Green Hill:


George and Kathy Thompson Green Hill Beach Road

Lisa and Dave Carabetta         Carpenter Drive

Thomas and Diane Capirchio Green Hill Ave.

Karl and Lisa Ernst, Suzanne Atwood       Rosebriar Ave.

Chris and Hilary Latham          Bayberry Ave.

Joseph and Angela Curran              Land N Sea Drive

Thomas and Michelle Caporaso      Rosebriar Ave.

Thatcher and Kristen Clay               Bayberry Ave.

Robert and Lynn Bayless                Rosebriar Ave.

Kyle McNulty                           Green Hill Ave.

Carolyn and Ralph Sanna               Hilltop Ave.


Did we miss anyone? Do you know of any new neighbors in our Green Hill community?  We would like to welcome them.  Please call our Welcome Chairperson, Carolyn Craig (401-783-7822) and give her their names.  Make sure to invite them to community events.


Summer Events and Dates


Sat., May 23th,  Beach Cleanup 9:30 a.m: Bring a rake or other tools, a pair of work gloves, and a large garbage bag, and we will all make quick work of clearing rubbish and flotsam from our beaches.

Sun. June 7th,   5:30 p.m. Spring Dinner:  Postponed   Be on the lookout in June for an email message about rescheduling the dinner.


Sat. June 27th   GHCA Spring Members Meeting, 10 a.m.:  The meeting will take place at the home of Kathy and Bill Conlin, 63 Bayberry Avenue. Bring a chair and get involved. A time to talk about new issues and ideas, interests and concerns.


Sat.  July 4th Fourth of July Parade, 11:00 a.m.:  Meet at the Intersection of Carpenter and Hilltop (southern branch). The greatest little parade in South County! Decorate a float; decorate your dog, decorate your bikes; bring all of the kids; dress-up in a manner befitting the Fourth. Get the Classic Car out of storage and join in the celebration.


Fri. Aug 28th   GHCA Annual Members Meeting, 7 p.m.:  Refreshments and socializing begin at 7p.m. -  Meeting at 7:30 p.m. Join us at the Holy Spiriti Episcopal Church, 4150 Old Post Rd.


Sat. Aug 29th End of Season Family Picnic, 3:30 p.m.:  Bring your family to Joann Langham and Harvey Dann’s back yard, at 39 Border Avenue. Joann and Harvey have again graciously offered to host this gathering. All members and houseguests are invited. It’s the perfect way to end the summer season at Green Hill. Please bring a pot-luck dish to feed 8-10. Your choice – salad, main dish or dessert. Show us what you’re good at! Maureen Koehl will coordinate, but more organizational hands are needed. Please give Maureen a call [914 274 0875]  to help with set-up and clean-up.  It’s an easy way to get involved.


The Beach


Will there be a beach as we used to know it? Access to our beach has been severely compromised in recent seasons by the massive mountains of boulders and cobbles uncovered by the tides that listen to no man or woman. To offer a glimmer of hope, the area was described on an early 19th century map as Stony Point. In our lifetimes we have enjoyed decades of beautiful beach. Maybe the time is coming again for a return of the rocks to the sea and sand to the shore.


We are hopeful that there will be a strand of beach to sit on during low tide, and we plan to build a path through the rocks down to that strand as we did last year. The benches will be back as well, offering a perfect place to watch the waves during the day, and at night to marvel at the necklace of lights down Point Judith way. We will not be hiring a lifeguard, so swimming is at your own risk. Please use prudence and observe our legal boundaries at the beach.

Be careful – Be courteous – Have fun.

Parking Lot: Please do not ask Hill Association parking lot gate attendants to let you drive into the lot to unload.  Their job is to ensure that all cars entering the lot display current Hill Association parking lot passes.  Our job is not to put any pressure on them to do otherwise.

Pooch Pick-Up Poop Bags have been provided by GHCA at the entrance to the beach right of way and at the bocce court recreation area. Be a responsible pet owner. PLEASE use the bags and DISPOSE of them properly when you return home. Do not leave filled poop bags for others to ponder. Dogs are allowed on the beach on a leash.

Racquet Sports


Pickleball has become an established recreation for many over the past two years, and more participation is always welcomed. To that end, Saturday round robins starting at 9am will begin after Memorial Day if the evolution of the Covid-19 crisis allows. This will be open to all GHCA members, even those who are not Racquet Club members.


There will soon be a new tennis net on the court on the east side. Racquet Club membership fees will be unchanged: $150 for a household membership, $125 for pickleball only. A blower was purchased last Autumn for leaf and debris clearance. This is stored in the pickleball box on the west side of the court. Squeegees and brooms will be purchased as needed. There is a local tennis pro who is available to provide lessons. Contact Bill Conlin ( for information.




The bocce court will be top-dressed in the next few weeks. A quality bocce set has been purchased and will be locked in a small shed in the recreation area. The horseshoe pits will soon be finished, and equipment will be stored in the same shed. The expectation is that after play, each player will smooth the surface for the next players prior to leaving. The appropriate equipment to smooth the surface will be stored in the shed. We ask that all equipment be returned to the locked shed after each use.


Horseshoes can be found in the locked shed as well.  Please make sure to return them to the shed after use.  Bocce and Horseshoes are available to all GHCA members, and we will distribute keys to the equipment shed to you. We are also planning to purchase two picnic tables. Other use of the recreation area (for games like Corn Hole, which has also been purchased) is open to discussion as well.


Kayak Area


Based on legal advice, we are offering communal kayaks as an option for members. All who use the area will be asked to sign a waiver. Members may prefer to use the communal kayaks and not store their own in the area. We plan to start with a double kayak and 3-4 singles. We are using only sit-on-top kayaks for communal use for safety concerns. These will be locked in a slot and members will have a key (hopefully coded to match the lock on the gate). If the demand is significant, we will acquire more. If anyone wants to donate a sit-on-top kayak to the GHCA, please contact Bill Conlin (


For fairness, given that some have been unable to get a slot in the racks, a single slot will be given to those who request one; a second slot will be assigned, if there is availability, based on a lottery. There was a limited response to the email that was sent last Fall to those who used the kayak area. Spaces will be allotted based on those responses and the response to the membership form enclosed with this newsletter.


We are extending the date for removal of kayaks to end of the calendar year.


GHCA Website


Our website,, contains a great deal of useful community information, including a listing of Member Recommended Services (kind of a Green Hill version of Craig’s List), previously included only in our Newcomer’s Handbook.


The Green Hill Community Yahoo Group is available for sharing messages with your Green Hill neighbors via email. To become a participant, contact Mike Counihan at




Green Hill-Wear


Wondering where to find that fashionable Green Hill-Wear you see others rocking on the beach? You can find tee-shirts, sweatshirts, caps and other clothing with the Green Hill logo at:



Get Involved! Volunteer with the GHCA and Its Partners


Volunteering gets you out to meet your Green Hill neighbors, make new friends, get some exercise and learn something new or share something old. Opportunities exist for help in getting out mailings, beach cleanup, social events and other activities. Contact one of the officers with your ideas. Here is news about some of our partners.


Description: IMG_0483Friends of Green Hill Pond


Friends of Green Hill Pond (FGHP) has been pursuing three priorities that together will preserve and protect Green Hill Pond:  Increasing flushing, reducing the high bacteria count which has closed the pond to shellfishing, and lowering the amount of nitrogen which causes oxygen depletion leading to the loss of fish and shellfish.


Increasing flushing means focusing projects to improve water exchange. Co-funded by FGHP and CRMC, a project is currently underway by URI to help determine a feasible solution to both improve water circulation which will reduce concentrations of both bacteria and nitrogen as well as build up our vulnerable barrier dunes.   Preliminary results look good enough to pursue funding for the second phase—final design and permitting.  


Reducing high bacteria levels means controlling stormwater. The Town of South Kingstown and FGHP are pursuing federal funding for stormwater abatement.   With our help and that of an outside expert, the Town will be submitting in May 2020 a very strong and comprehensive proposal for stormwater abatement in the Green Hill watershed.


Lowering high nitrogen levels means improving conventional septic systems which account for over 70% of nitrogen loading.   Although advanced de-nite systems are available, their high cost has been a huge barrier to voluntary adoption. Tests of low-cost alternative systems are being conducted in Massachusetts. Early results look promising but more time is needed to determine their long-term durability. We are monitoring progress. Please like us on Facebook to receive further updates ( We thank you for the support of GHCA and its members!


Dennis Bowman

President, Friends of Green Hill Pond




Salt Ponds Coalition

The Salt Ponds Coalition is the watershed organization for Rhode Island Salt Ponds and has managed pond water quality testing for more than 32 years.

Did you know that Green Hill has 5 monitoring locations? They are Sea Lea, Allen's Cove, Teal Road, Indigo Point and In Pond.

Last summer, all RI salt ponds experienced the worst bacterial water contamination on record. This was a result of record rainfall (which increases run off and the flow of nutrients into the ponds) combined with extreme hot temperatures. During this period, trained SPC pond watchers expedited more water samples to URI labs. As a result, advisories were issued by the Rhode Island Department of Health and Environmental Management [RIDEM]. In 2020 we expect an increase in these types of events due to changes in climate patterns.

SPC's water quality testing is funded 100% by individuals and organizations. Our testing work is handled by more than 30 volunteer citizen scientists. Our lab work is done at University of Rhode Island. Annual lab fees and testing on the water samples is nearly $20,000 per year.

Please support this critical work by becoming an individual member, join online at Thank you for your support! Got questions about SPC's advocacy work? Call Ann Manion at 978-460-1157.

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GHCA Officers, Committee Heads and Board Members

A complete list of GHCA Officers, Committee Heads and Board Members can be found at


Enjoy the beautiful Green Hill Summer season



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