President: Dan Tanona

Vice President: Jim Apostolou

Secretary: Maureen Koehl

Treasurer: Pat Tanona

Tennis Bill Conlin

Boat Launch Bert Hess

Beach Lloyd Stephenson

New Membership Carolyn Craig

Webmaster: Mike Counihan



The Green Hill Civic Association was incorporated under the laws of the State of Rhode Island on August 19, 1940 for the purpose of advocating, supporting and securing such improvements of a civic nature as will tend to improve the general conditions of the health, welfare and morals of its members at Green Hill and vicinity. There is also a Hill Association which provides parking for it's members.

Our meetings are the last Friday in June and the next to last Friday in August at the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church 4150 Old Post Road Charlestown, RI. We have two social functions; An End-of-Summer picnic the next to last Sunday in August at the Beal's home on Green Hill Avenue and a Spring party in May for members and guests.

For information or questions contact the Webmaster, Mike Counihan.







Date last modified 10/24/2017