Green Hill Civic Association

Green Hill logo wear

Date last modified: 4/9/2018


Kim Beals will be providing shopping info.


Here are some of the offerings that Kim has prepared:

Green Hill Beach Logo(men)

Green Hill Beach Logo(women)

Green Hill Hydrangeas(men)

Green Hill Hydrangeas(women)

Crabbing at Green Hill Beach(men)

Crabbing at Green Hill Beach(women)


Dave Calabrese recently arranged with Lands End to have Green Hill Logoware embroidered on some of their products.

These LANDS END products can be ordered online at this site by right clicking on this site and selecting to open

in a new window. I am trying to resolve this problem.


First find something you'd like to buy, then select the quantity and color. Then CONTINUE to the next page where you can select the logo and where you want to place it. At this point you can exit the selection without purchasing or you can continue to buy it.

Looking forward to another enjoyable summer


Kim can be reached at