The two 1946 photos were taken from the taller of the 2 towers that were located in the area between the Beals' home and the parking lot.


My uncle, Carl Lundberg, climbed the tower and took them. At the time he was a 25 year old vet. Later he became president of the Civic Association. They look westward. 1946A shows the houses on the ocean side of Browning on Rosebriar. The two houses at the right center are located at the entrance of what became Surfside. The house in the lower right corner is Joe Conley's home.

1946B is a view of the beach looking toward Charlestown. It is quite barren except for the first buildings of what became Brogi's beach pavilion. You can see the utility poles which ran from Matunuck to Charlestown for the building which were destroyed in 1938.

1946A, 1946B


The 1952 photo was part of a piece that was published in the Journal in 1952. You can see the smaller of the 2 towers to the west of Beals' home before the stone retaining wall was built after the 1954 hurricane Carol. The 1971 photo shows the Beals' lawn as it is today.

1952, 1971


John and Mary Kegley recently contributed a number of photos showing the houses on the west side of Green Hill Ave. The oldest photo was before the 1938 Hurricane. It shows a house that was not present in 1940 when Chester Beals bought the property. According to Nancy Beals there was no house on the lot when her father bought the property. View north of west side of Green Hill Ave with lost house. This photo apparently was a post card. The next photo shows the tower mentioned above that provided tremendous vistas to whole area. This photo probably dates from the late forties. You can see the Kegley and Wunderlich houses in the foreground. The Beals' house can be seen through the porch of the Kegley home. The Pingree house can be seen behind the garage. Later, the Pingree house was moved a short distance north where it is still located.

This view north up Green Hill Ave was taken, I guess, around 1950. Note the lack of trees and brush which later grew to obscure ocean views. The next two pictures look west along the beach and are very similar, 1 and 2.

Another pair of pictures obtained by Joe Tenori from the Coast Guard taken much earlier of the Green Hill Lifesaving Station which I believe was just west of the parking lot at the end of Coast Guard, 1 and 2






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