Board Members, Officers, and Committee Chairs

The following is a list of elected officers and other volunteers who support our Association and - together with the Hill Association - the interests of our community.  To contact officers of GHCA, please use e-mail whenever possible.

Board of Directors:

Mike Counihan          401-783-0249 

Ellie McGrath             401-792-3646 

Donna McNulty          401-284-0565 

Dan Tanona             401-782-1643 



President:      Mal O’Connor           401-580-3703  

V President:    Bill Conlin                401-782-8636 

Treasurer:      Bill Anastasiades       860-301-8902 

Secretary:      Maureen Koehl          914-274-0875 


Committee Heads

Membership: Pat Tanona              401-782-1643 

Boat Launch:  Bill Conlin                 401-782- 8636

Tennis:           Dick Kalunian           401-783-1157 

Beach:           Jim Apostolou           401-783-0705 

Cmty Liaison: Dan Tanona             401-782-1643                  

Web Master:   Mike Counihan         401-783-0249 

Welcome:        Carolyn Craig           401-783-7822 

Picnic:             Maureen Koehl         914 274-0875