Friends of Green Hill Pond would like to share with you an important milestone in our project to restore the channel and improve water quality. We are delighted to announce that we have met and exceeded our first fundraising goal of $25,000 which is needed to cover the expenses of the Phase 3 URI study. We can now complete that critical step, but we are far from done. We need your ongoing support and donations.

In the short term, we might need to spend thousands more on additional work required by DEM, CRMC, DOT, and NOAA once they see the results of the URI study. For example, we know that CRMC requires a professional engineer to prepare the proposed project site plans, but we do not yet know how much that will cost, or when it will be required. As many of you know, the path to regulatory approval has inherent uncertainties and hidden costs that will only be revealed as the process moves forward.

In the longer term, we will need additional funds to pursue other projects to preserve and protect Green Hill Pond. Although the current channel restoration project will likely reduce bacteria levels throughout the Pond, we do not think that channel restoration alone will be sufficient to address bacteria hotspots such as those where Teal and Factory Brook enter the Pond. In those areas, it is likely that a major stormwater management project will be needed, requiring further field study and engineering design work.

Right now, we are focused on completing the URI field work and modeling aimed at assessing the impact of restoring the channel.

When we have updates to share, we will continue to keep you informed through Facebook (Like us at, by email (let us know of any changes to your email address and please ask us any questions you have have at, and by meetings.

Save the Date, June 23rd at 10 a.m. at the Ocean Ridge Community Association Pavilion, for our Community Meeting.

We are incredibly grateful to our amazing donors and are honored by the trust you have placed in us to improve Green Hill Pond!

All the best,

Dennis Bowman


Friends of Green Hill Pond