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Volume 01 / Issue 01 - April 2020





Pre-Proposal Announcement


The Board of Friends of Green Hill Pond (FGHP) hopes that everyone is well and staying safe in this trying time. We thought you might appreciate a little good news on another front.  


On April 8th, the University of Rhode Island (URI) and FGHP submitted a pre-proposal to the National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF).  Our proposal would develop detailed designs to restore highly vulnerable dunes along a 1,400-foot undeveloped section of Green Hill Beach using sand dredged from a shoaled area of Green Hill Pond. A simplified aerial view of this project is included in this email. From a URI study in 2018, we know that removing the shoaling at the sole inlet to Green Hill Pond will modestly increase tidal flushing. So, this project is important because it will both improve water quality and better protect our community from storm surge. We are seeking $125,000 in grant money to conduct the design phase.  URI will be contributing $74,000 worth of services by its professors to lead the design work. FGHP has pledged $4,900 in matching funds towards this project and will be leading the community outreach.     


Submitting this pre-proposal is an important step but only one step in a lengthy process. We should hear by late May whether we will be invited to submit a full proposal by late June.  Again, this is the design phase. The next phase will be applying for permits and conducting the actual construction.  Like similar projects elsewhere, the construction phase will require landowner consents, Town leadership in applying for permits, applying for and receiving additional grant money, and CRMC leadership on the construction.  We are taking this one step at a time.


This project is one of several that we are pursuing to preserve and protect Green Hill Pond. We will provide further updates on this and other projects when there are significant milestones to report.  Thank you again for your support!   Stay safe everyone.


Dennis Bowman


Friends of Green Hill Pond





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