March 2017


Friends of Green Hill Pond

On August 13 2016, sixty people who live on or near Green Hill Pond met at Cross’ Mills Library to discuss the deteriorating water quality in the pond, and to create a plan for addressing the problem.

One or more of the Task Force members have subsequently met or talked with representatives of the following agencies:

After extensive study and reading of documents relative to Green Hill Pond, the consensus of the Task Force is to focus on the one initiative most likely to have the greatest impact on improving water quality at the least cost: Improving water circulation. Our goal is to restore the pond for shell fishing and consistently safe recreation. There are two ways to improve water circulation: Dredging the common channel between Ninigret and Green Hill Pond, or constructing a breachway directly from Green Hill Pond to the ocean. A study needs to be done first to determine the likely water quality and environmental impact of these two alternatives, determine which alternative is best, and to provide the fact base for gaining permits to do the work. A study like this has never been done before and support from the above-named agencies and officials has been steadily building over the past seven months. We are at the point of seeking funding needed to do the study.

The following Homeowners Associations are currently participating in FOGHP efforts and we are actively seeking additional associations and individuals who are not a part of these groups:

Charlestown by the Sea, Green Hill Civic Association, The Hill Association, Indigo Point, Green Hill Beach Club, Land and Sea, Mautucket -by-the Sea, Ocean Ridge Civic Association (ORCA), Sea Lea, Surfside Parking Condo, Green Hill Acres

Other news: Salt Ponds Coalition will partner with FOGHP to plan a kayak paddle on the Pond in August and SK will be resuming septic inspections within the month.

For more information and/or to help Friends of Green Hill Pond with this work, please call Mary-Gail Smith, Co-Moderator (401) 601 5515 or Enid Flaherty, Co-Moderator (401) 789 7832. Please see web-sites: and