Green Hill Civic Association

Annual Meeting

August 23, 2019

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

Old Post Road, Charlestown


The meeting was called to order by Vice President Jim Apostolou at 7:30 p.m.

Officers present: Vice President, Jim Apostolou , Secretary Maureen Koehl


Absent:  President Dan Tanona, Treasurer Pat Tanona

About 25 members of the GHCA in attendance representing 20 households.


VP Jim Apostolou presided in the absence of President Dan Tanona. Jim gave sincere thanks to Dan and Pat for their eight years of devoted service to the GHCA. Jim also mentioned that his family will be moving so he withdrew his name from serving on the executive board. Jim thanked Peter Spencer for arranging for the meeting at the church.


Minutes: The minutes of the June 2019 meeting were accepted as read.


President’s Report: The Annual Picnic will be held tomorrow at the home of JoAnn Langham Dann and Harvey Dann at 3:30 p.m. BYOB, BYO chairs, and a dish to share.

Elections: Voting for the entire slate of officers is necessary.

Recommended Businesses: Members are encouraged to contribute to and use people.

International Coastal Cleanup: to be held Saturday September 21. Volunteers are needed to gather garbage from our beaches. Contact Jim to volunteer.


Tennis Court Recreational Area: Brief summary of the outcome of the June meeting – up to $20K was approved for development of the area behind the tennis courts. There will not be a parking area accessed from Rosebriar Ave. Access to the area from Rosebriar will be via the town ROW. Water, if needed, to be supplied from Rosebriar residences.  Dressing, loam, seed, bocce and horseshoe courts to begin soon, hopefully by mid-September.

Discussion: Peter Brash, who has served as a spokesman for the Rosebriar residents to the GHCA board, said that residents were not happy about the water use question. Bocce courts require much watering to maintain a hard surface. As for new grass, “pray for rain!” Suggestion for a water barrel/cistern might help with water supply; players could bring a gallon of water when they used the area. At present the 40’ ROW from Rosebriar into the tennis court area is overgrown and needs to be cleared. Making this into a zigzag pathway would afford adjacent homeowners more privacy. Access to the area needs further discussion. Any addition parking would be from Green Hill Beach Road.

     The adjacent property owner north of the tennis area said that the initial clearing came too close to a large maple that straddles the boundary and came up to his lawn. Kathy Conlin explained that the clearer, Chris Babcock, came in from Rosebriar by mistake and over cleared. A twenty-foot buffer was promised and restitution will be made.
Peter Brash suggested that the bocce court be placed closer to the tennis courts, further south than shown in plans. Final comment: the committee is aware that too much land was cleared and restitution will be made. Suggestions was made that bocce might be too labor intensive to maintain – maybe replace with cornhole, shuffleboard?


Summary of Friends of Green Hill Pond: Green Hill Pond is listed as one of the worst impaired waters in RI, high in nitrogen, low in oxygen, high bacteria levels and poor flushing action. The goal of the group is to achieve increased flushing and reduction of bacteria by controlling storm water runoff. See FOGHP sheet for details.


Treasurer’s Report: As of August 13, 2019: total dues collected = $14,700 [196 households]. Boat sticker fees [135 stickers at $15] = $2025.

Beach expenses included making an area for the bench and a pathway through the cobbles to the water and the disposal of the lifeguard’s chair. Boat launch area expenses included construction of a fourth boat rack [$2749.60] and $191.70 for new boat stickers.  $1200 was spent for the initial clearing of the bocce court area. Total expenses = $11,974.37.

Ending balance = $34,955.54.

Submitted by Pat Tanona.


Beach Committee Report: Short and sweet! Get a tide chart to know when to go to the beach, i.e. low tide.

Boat Launch Report: There are now 84 spaces on four racks. There were 79 slot requests, a number of households requested two slots. Chairman Bill Conlin suggested that several kayaks be purchased by the GHCA for communal use as a solution to the space problem. Dan will check out the liability and insurance ramifications to this plan.

Tennis Courts Report: Dick Kalunian reported 29 paid members with several being associate members. There are six pickle ball members. Fees: $150 for tennis members; $125 for pickle ball members. Pickle ball has brought in more members, but playing time has been limited. Present fees will remain. The committee has $5000 in a reserve fund.


Election: Proposed slate: President – Mal O’Connor;  Vice President – Bill Conlin; Secretary – Maureen Koehl; Treasurer: Bill Anastasiades.

The slate was accepted as presented by the Nominating committee.


New Business:  Michelle DiMauro suggested more clarity and transparency about meetings. “We need to keep the community spirit alive by more transparency.”


The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Maureen Koehl, Secretary