Green Hill Civic Association

Annual Meeting

August 24, 2018

Holy Spirit Episcopal Church

Old Post Road, Charlestown


The meeting was called to order by President Dan Tanona at 7:30 p.m.

Officers present: President Dan Tanona, Vice President Jim Apostolou, Secretary Maureen Koehl, Treasurer Pat Tanona.

About 25 members of the GHCA in attendance.


   Prior to the regular meeting Dennis Bowman, president of The Friends of Green Hill Pond gave a summary of the group’s activities and purpose – to preserve and protect Green Hill Pond. The organization originated in response to the frustration that nothing was being done to improve the health of the pond by any of the entities/towns wherein the pond is located. Now there are 19 individuals and organizations involved including local and state politicians including Gov. Raimondo. Threats to the Pond include high nitrogen and bacteria counts which limit contact with the water – no shell fishing [for about 24 years] or swimming. Unfortunately, the abundance of wildlife and water fowl create 75% of the bacteria problem. Storm water runoff and Trustom Pond are sources of bacteria and the pond’s poor circulation add to the problem. The sedimentation rate is excessive compromising the circulation.

   Two initiatives are proposed and should meet state standards: #1 - Channel enhancement – dredging and storm water filtration. URI may have a proposal to improve the channel up to the width of the bridge between Green Hill and Ninigret Ponds and to use the dredged sediment to shore up the shore line. #2 – Catchment area filtration by installing bowls in the watershed to capture the rainfall. There are 3K acres in the Green Hill watershed area and 400 acres in the pond. To date the Charlestown Town Council has not been as responsive as the Friends would like. Dennis was thanked for his presentation.


President Tanona thanked Peter Spencer for arranging for the use of the hall.

The Minutes of the June 2018 meeting were accepted.  

President’s Report: Dan thanked JoAnn Langham and Harvey Dann for hosting the closing picnic tomorrow and Kathy and Bill Conlin for hosting the June meeting. He mentioned the list of businesses and services that could be found on The Hill Association website. He asked that positive recommendations be given to Mike Counihan for listing.

No fires on the beach were reported this summer and there was negligible police activity. No changes to the gate routine will be implemented by The Hill Assoc. Closing the gate at night seems to be working.

Boat Launch area: The kayak racks have been put to good use. The waiting list was used to fill the slots that were not being used by the initial renters. A CRMC application will be sought for a 4th rack. The first batch of new keys for the area was faulty so new ones were made and a new lock installed on the gate. The old wire entrance gate is still in use but there is a proposal from Jason Tulloch for a wooden gate. $400 for the lumber; installation labor will be donated.

CHCA folks will participate in the annual International Coastal Clean-up this fall. Several members volunteered to help. Date TBA.

The email distribution list is done. Contact Dan with additions and corrections.


Treasurer’s Report: Pat Tanona reported income from 194 memberships = $14,550, boat stickers = $2,300; boat launch keys = $70, Worker’s comp [2017] returned = $144, for an Income total = $17,178. Expenses: including path clearance $1,345.50; Paychex to 6/2018 = $326, last year’s refuse bill for $130 finally received and paid for a total = $1,576.49. The ending balance  [8/24/2018] = $31,392.23. See attached report for details.

Treasurer’s report accepted.


Beach Committee:  Lloyd reported, “The beach at low tide is terrific!”


Old business: The shrubs near the right of way to the beach have been trimmed. The email re inappropriate golf cart use was well received and the abuse [underage drivers] has abated.


A suggestion to hold a short business meeting before the May opening dinner was not met with enthusiasm.


Carolyn Craig is the welcoming committee for new homeowners and finds enthusiasm, but little follow through to join activities or come to meetings. We should probably advertise the meetings more creatively. Maybe “Meet & Greet” events, i.e. wine & cheese, beer fest, kid’s events during the season would be good. Send ideas to Dan.


New Business: What to do with our excess funds? Since the majority of our budget is designated for hiring a lifeguard and our beach of cobbles and boulders is not conducive to needing a lifeguard in the near future – more likely a quarryman or a ‘cobbler’ would be appropriate, what should we do with our dues? Suggestions included: Build a better pathway to the shoreline so bathers could access the water safely [how permanent would this be?]; Lifeguard sharing with both beaches; Reduce the dues assessment. Mal and Peter volunteered to serve on a Build a Better Path Committee.

Boat Launch:  A committee is needed to discuss rack fees – one level?, several levels? At present there are too many kayaks there without stickers. There are 80 kayaks, 2 canoes and several paddle boats. 115 stickers have been issued. Remember to keep the area clean. October 8, Columbus Day, is the day for removal of all craft. Bert has asked to resign after many years and a diligent and great job. He suggested some new blood is needed.

Tennis: No change in membership since June. The court washing and re-surfacing cost $7520.88. The reserve fund is $4,000; operating fund = $2,407.04; closing balance = $#6,407.04. An historical note: the courts use about one half of the land and the courts cost $50,000 when built in the mid-1980s. There was a discussion of what could be done with unused tennis court land. One suggestion was a bocce court. A signup sheet was presented for members to sign up if interested in researching ideas for the available property.  


******Elections coming up in 2019.


Meeting adjourned 9:15.


[Brief interlude due to a medical emergency]